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Sales: Aviosat has relationship with world best Equipment manufacturer and also the Partner/Reseller of Equipments ,accessories & Spares used for Airfield lighting System,Security System,Communication ,Navigation & Survilence system.


Aviosat ensures timely delivery of Equipment and take care of support on Priority.


Warranty/Post Warranty Support: Aviosat has a fully automated Service Support setup, and a team of skilled technicians and engineers to provide the Warranty/Post Warranty support on behalf of the OEMs, 365 days a year 24 hours a day with complete backup of spares.


Aviosat understands, realizes and is in the business of no tolerance zone when it comes to equipment going out of service even for a few seconds. Aviosat bound by SLAs to service any failures and its team works through such situations, day in and day out, keeping its bags always packed to move.


Consulting Services: Aviosat expert team of consultants get involved with the clients, right at the stage of conception of the project and work together with the customerís team and help them to identify exactly what Equipments and(or) services your operation will need to ensure the most optimal solutions that meet customerís objectives, and deliver the desired level of service cost effectively.


System Integration, Installation & Commissioning: Efficient systems integration capability is a key factor in determining successful delivery of any project. Aviosat has developed considerable expertise in this activity, both in-house and thru its Associates. Its focus on system integration capabilities extends from the early stage of project feasibility, concept & design to installation, testing, commissioning and handover of a fully functional system. It follows a Process driven approach which ensures that all integration issues are considered and dealt with at the appropriate stage of each project being implemented. Broadly Aviosat Involved in the design and Integration of AFLs, Security System, Communication, Navigation & Surveillance system etc.


Aviosat broadly covers the following:


Annual Maintenance Services: Aviosat offers AMC Services with different flavours bounded by SLAs to Service any failures.


Aviosat has a fully automated Service Support setup, and a team of skilled technicians and engineers with complete backup of spares to provide the support 365 days a year 24 hours a day.


Repair Services: Aviosat offers State of the Art Repair Facility both In-House and through itís associates for the Equipments of Security System, Communication ,Navigation & Surveillance system. The facility is managed by highly competent technical staff and a wide variety of Test & Measurement equipments is placed to carry out repairs.


System Audit and Re-Engineering: Aviosat team of experienced Auditors helps find out possible areas of improvement through audit, which also plays supportive role in objective analysis and evaluation of various accompanying risks and limits. The Auditors after carrying out the necessary system audit work with the solutions team to analyze the audit report and design a re-engineering plan and implement the same within specified time and budgets.


Facility Management: Aviosat Offers Facility Management services 365 days a year 24 hours a day for various Systems The global trend is moving towards outsourcing non-core activities, while focusing on core activities in-house.


Factors which are driving the outsourcing include:

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